@sir Democracy is a bad thing as it let 51% of the people rule over 49% of the people and that’s not a good system. This is why the original way the US was supposed to work when it comes to voting is a better way. And it is the reason the US is a constitutional republic and not a democracy.

@mastohost I see, and your in your right to say no to them, but think of all the fun you miss out on 😄 What if some one want to have a Discworld server (Terry Pratchett’s Discworld) that’s some kind of flat earth on the back of a turtle 🙂

uspol: CNN calls it 

@fribbledom The counting is not over so how can they announce a winner? It should not bee the media that decides who has won an election.

@mastohost If Mastodon or any other social media platforms are being so political correct that you can not use your freedom of speech like you could do out in “real life” that what is the point of being on Mastodon in stead of Facebook, Twitter and so on?

@mastohost I do not think any group of people should have special protections but that harassment in general should not be accepted. So here I think there should not be any “special treatment for any one group of people, animals or fish”.

But again there must be space for comedy and joking around.

On the other hand saying harassing a person for thinking there are more than two genders would be a “crime” as you then go to a personal “attack” on an individual. Saying a group of people are stupid I would not judge as a “crime” as no single person is being “attacked”.

@mastohost My standard is the Norwegian laws of freedom of speech, and I do not think that should get me in trouble. I believe in freedom but I also think that harassing some one does not fall under the protection of freedom of speech.

So, saying that I do not think Covid-19 is real or that I do not think there exist more than two genders would not in my opinion be a “crime”.

@mastohost Ok, then I understand. I do agree that if people are harassing or only come with personal attacks etc that it should not be accepted, but there must be room for discussion.
I think I understand your policy a bit better and I hope that no one will accept people harassing anyone. But then again there should always be room for interpretation.

@mastohost How decide what is a falsehood, alternative facts, anecdotal evidence and who decide if something is a disinformation, misinformation, sensationalism, truthiness, propaganda, rumours, hoaxes, urban myths, pseudoscience, post-truth and opinion pieces or interviews that convey any of the previous ?

If I say I believe in God and that god exist you could say that god does not exist as there is no evidence of gods existence? So will that be a reason for you to terminate the server?

Hei alle sammen og takk for at dere er med oss.

Hjelp oss å vokse ved å invitere venner og kjente.

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Her er en forklaring på HVA MASTODON er og hvordan Mastodon fungerer.

Del og hjelp oss å vokse.


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